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CD Player with Advanced AL32 Processing Plus
Listen to hi-res audio and masterfully reproduced songs with the Denon DCD-800NE CD Player with integrated USB port. Advanced AL32 Processing Plus, combined with an innovative circuitry structure, ensure recordings are accurately reproduced and beautifully faithful to the original sound. More than a CD player, the DCD-800NE supplies the highest quality audio signals to the amp, and the USB port supports hi-res playback up to PCM192/24 and DSD 2.8 MHz/5.6 MHz. Vibration-resistant design reduces adverse audio effects of heavy components within amplifiers, so sound quality meets Denon standards.





Integrated Amplifier with 85W Power/Channel
The Denon PMA-800NE integrated amplifier sets new heights in premium audio performance with digital inputs and a built-in phono equalizer. From deep bass to detailed highs, listen to your favorite high-resolution audio content with the 192kHz/24bit D/A converter. At 85W (4 Ohms) per channel, the PMA-800NE supplies enough power to drive your speakers for optimal sound. Connect the PMA-800NE to your favorite components with the three Optical and one Coaxial digital inputs. Powered by the Denon Advanced High Current (AHC) single push-pull circuit power amplifier, the PMA-800NE provides exceptional sound quality that balances high power with delicate, musical details.



DENON PMA-50Compact Digital Amplifier  $599

High quality sound, appealing design Stereo Amplifi er

• USB-B DAC for Computer-Direct connectivity and

high-resolution audio reproduction

• Digital optical/coaxial and analog inputs

• Bluetooth aptX Low Latency CD quality wireless

streaming with NFC pairing



Network Audio Player with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Precise Network Audio Player for hi-res audio and music streaming, featuring Advanced AL32 Processing Plus for superb audio performance, unparalleled music playback options, thanks to our built-in HEOS technology, Apple AirPlay 2, and Amazon Alexa voice compatibility for seamless control.



Please call 310-453-5355 or email us @ for more information,

including stock availabilty for delivery.

  • Now you can easily convert all of your favorite records to modern MP3 digital audio tracks with Denon’s DP-200USB fully automatic turntable. Equipped with an internal MP3 encoder, along with a front panel USB port, the DP-200USB lets you play your favorite LPs and create MP3 tracks easily and automatically.

Please call 310-453-5355 or email us @ for more information,

including stock availabilty for delivery.

DENON DL-103R Moving Coil Cartridge 
  • The DL-103R is an updated version of the classic DL-103. It provides improved sound by using 6N copper coils wound with precision to the cantilever shaft. Audio lovers will delight with detail that is brought out by this outstanding phono cartridge...
DENON DL-304 Moving Coil Cartridge 
  • This audiophile moving coil cartridge provides ultimate performance in the most demanding high-end system.
DENON D-M41 HiFi System with CD, Bluetooth® and FM/AM Tuner.
Msrp $499     Sale:$429.99
  •  The newly-developed discrete analogue amplifier circuit reduces signal paths for greater clarity and impact, while the new Bluetooth® implementation combines convenience with an off switch to reduce its influence on the sound of other sources when not in use. Meanwhile the new cosmetic design echoes that of Denon's flagship 'NE' separates. The RCD-M41 center unit also has two digital optical inputs to hook up a TV, set-top box or other digital gear that deserves improved audio quality, and has built-in CD plus FM/AM radio, with the new SC-M41 speaker system to complement the CD receiver's performance.
DENON SC-N7 (Pair) $199.99
  • Optional Speakers System to Match.
DENON DL-103 Moving Coil Cartridge 
  • Denon's classic cartridge, the DL-103, has been an industry standard for decades. Providing smooth response in many Hi-Fi systems, the DL-103 gives a pleasing sound and brings out the full detail of audio performances..
DENON DL-S1Moving Coil Cartridge 
  • Designed for the descriminating ear, this audiophile moving coil cartridge provides the pinnacle of performance with any high-end system.
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