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SONY 55", 65" & 75"  XBR 4K UHD TV   
XBR-49X950H $999      XBR-55X950H  $1199*
XBR-65X950H    $1699*   XBR-75X950H     $2799*
XBR-85X950H    $3999
  • X950H | Full Array LED | 4K Ultra HD | High Dynamic Range (HDR) | Smart TV (Android TV)

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SONY 65_A8H_A8_blk_dark_sil_chevron_btyE


  • Everything is upscaled to near-8K HDR picture quality with the powerful Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate and 8K X-Reality PRO.1,2
    See exactly what the creator intended with the advanced color and gradation of TRILUMINOS™ Display.
    Enhanced brightness, incredible contrast with Full Array LED and 8K X-tended Dynamic Range PRO 14x.
    With easy access to all your favorite content, services and devices, Sony Android Smart TVs make life simpler.4
    On-screen action and motion look better than ever with X-Motion Clarity™ technology.
    X-Wide Angle satisfyingly preserves color and brightness when viewing from anywhere in the room.
    Acoustic Multi-Audio with vibrating Frame Tweeter creates a unique truly immersive sound experience.
    Picture and sound are automatically adjusted to your environment with Sony’s unique Ambient Optimization technology.
    Compatible with Google Home6, Amazon Alexa7, and Apple HomeKit8 for an even smarter home.
    See the big picture with HDR1, Dolby Visions™9, IMAX Enhanced™10 and Netflix Calibrated Mode.11
    Bring home the big-screen 8K experience with a minimalist one-slate design and thin aluminum bezel.12
    Premium dual position metal stand that can be adapted for wide or narrow stand.
    Premium brushed aluminum, backlit remote with Bluetooth®14 connectivity for interference free control of your TV.13
    CalMAN™ auto calibration mode makes high-performance screen calibration easier than ever.15


PLEASE CALL 310-453-5355 TO ORDER!

75"& 85"| Z8H | Full Array LED | 8K | High Dynamic Range (HDR) | Smart TV (Android TV)

Deep OLED blacks

Pure sound harmony

SONY 65_A8H_A8_blk_dark_sil_chevron_btyE

A8H | OLED | 4K Ultra HD | High Dynamic Range (HDR) | Smart TV (Android TV) 55" & 65"

  • The same powerful processor used to drive our 8K2 TVs precisely analyzes image data to bring out the intense contrast of OLED, with pure blacks, peak brightness and truly realistic pictures.

  • By having the screen act as the speaker, sound and picture work perfectly together with sound coming from the right place on the screen for a more cinematic experience. 

  • With our super-slim one-slate design, the screen meets the edge of the TV, immersing you in the picture without distraction.3

  • Sit back and enjoy the best possible viewing experience. Sony's unique ambient optimization technology automatically adjusts picture and sound to your environment.

  • On conventional TVs, brightness stays the same regardless of light in a room, resulting in pictures that are too dark or bright. This 4K OLED TV includes an embedded light sensor that optimizes picture brightness to room conditions, boosting brightness in light rooms and reducing it in dark ones, so you get the perfect view.

  • Sound experience can change depending on your room environment. For example, curtains absorb sound, while objects in front of the TV can disturb the passage of sound, compromising the quality of what you hear. This 4K4 Ultra HD TV detects objects and reproduces sound that's enhanced and optimized to your room.

PLEASE CALL 310-453-5355 TO ORDER!

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