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Here are a few testimonials from our loyal customers
throughout the 28+ years of serving Southern California.
We would love to add yours to this page.
  • Stuart G.

  • Santa Monica, Ca.



World Class Exceptional Service, Products, Pricing and Installation

I am an executive with a very well known company renowned for it's expertise in customer service and customer experience  and I have clients all over the world across many industries that I consult with regularly, so the bar is very high for me in garnering 5 stars and exceeding my expectations.  

I have purchased from high-end national retailers in the past (e.g., Crutchfield, hhGregg, etc.) .  Audio Video City products and prices were just as good or better, which was a positive surprise given they are local.  Even more, AVC provided greater value and savings overall and incredible service as well as being more flexible for scheduling deliveries and installation.  Equally important, they showed in actions they valued me as a customer and a person. 

I am outfitting my new place in Santa Monica and needed to purchase:

Large, High-end 4K HDTV
Soundsystem / Soundbar
Media Center
Blue Ray Player
Wall Mounting brackets for tv and sound system

Tan, the owner/operator, treated me well throughout the process, providing helpful recommendations consistent with my own research.  His prices were equal on the products to every major chain and he found ways to help me save on other items where he had more room to give.  

In fact, when the price of my t..v. dropped by $1,000 dollars based on a manufacturer incentive within a few days of my purchase, he went to bat for me with Sony to ensure I could receive the savings.  He also provided a higher quality media center/newer version at no additional cost to what I had already paid based on a newer model being available.  He worked with me on dates and installation.  He communicated effectively and frequently. 

That is the kind of integrity and ethical business practices that seems all to rare these days and which in my own business practices I also employ as well as how I and everyone wants to be treated as customers.  

Their installer is also world class- he has done homes of the rich and famous so to speak with incredibly complex and high end technology that made my installation seem simple in comparison.  He was professional, efficient, respectful and treated my home and everything as if it was his own.  He also took the time to walk me through the set-ups, remotes, menus, etc. after ensuring everything was properly installed, working and ensuring I was happy with the job he did.  

There are alot of options out there, but none provided the combination of world class service, products, pricing, installation and treatment.    The few negative yelp reviews below are so far from my experience and what Tan and his team, provided that I can't relate to those at all. My experience was completely 5 stars!

Tan provided gave me such a great customer experience AND value, that he earned my business and won my loyalty.  It feels great being able to genuinely support a local business and one that truly provides a world class experience. 

Thank you again Tan!




  • Alan B.




Try to imagine a place that is the reverse of all the horrible things  you know and hate about Best Buy, and you come out with AVCity.    They know their stuff,  and they keep their word.   Tan and his brother Hung set the tone  of excellence for the place.  They are amazingly resourceful in solving problems, whether availability of merchandise or delivery issues.     You will walk out with a smile on your face, because  despite what the rest of the electronics dealers are like, this place is first class.



  • Shaun P.

  • Los Angeles, CA


I must say I had a fantastic experience here.  I wanted to find a Monitor Audio authorized dealer in Los Angeles.  Well I found a great one! It's rare these days to find an audio store to have an open door policy without making an appointment, but this one allowed me to walk right in.  Right away I was greeted by Tan, the owner who was very kind.  I wasn't even planning to purchase anything that day, but he had told me that he could give me a fantastic deal on a center speaker that I have been wanting to get for about a decade.  Well I ended up making the purchase that same day and he even gave me the proper wiring to hook it up and everything.  Very good store.  I will be going back and I highly recommend it.


  • Marcell S.

  • Los Angeles, CA


Service is great. I have bought systems them decided on other some other systems instead, they have been nothing bit obliging changing out my components. 
I have been using these guys for 5 years now and recommend them to all my friends. One of the few individual operators with great service!

Let us know if you want to add your comments to our page! 
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